Wow, this page is SO out of date! But you’re OK with it, really.

Our next event is for Unbound at the Edinburgh International Book Festival on Wednesday 25th August. Kicking off at 9pm, this enchanted show will explore fairytales gone awry, featuring stories from Rob Shearman, Keith Gray, Sian Bevan and a special guest appearance from Emma Hooper.

Previous events

Underground: Technobabble

WhatA night of techy tales
WhenOctober 5, 2014
TreatsOur amazing company
CompèreTom Moore
What elseVery scary rubber masks

Skyground: Passing The Dame

WhatA night of noir storytelling
WhenJune 6, 2014
TreatsDelicious mysterious tales
CompèreNarrated by Gordon Christie
What elseA trench coat with tartan lining!

Underground: Word Games

WhatPlayful spoken word
WhenMay 10, 2014
TreatsChocolate dice
CompèreTom Moore
What elseCYOA & bullsh*t bingo

Skyground: The Lady Scientists Stitch & B*tch

WhatLady scientists through history
WhenApril 11, 2014
TreatsFree time travel
CompèreAriadne Cass-Maran
What elseKnitting! Lots of knitting...

Underground: Body Language

WhatTales of the bodily persuasion
WhenMarch 2, 2014
TreatsBody parts
CompèreAriadne Cass-Maran
What elseHeaps of blood, guts and dancing

Skyground: Geraldine’s Gun

WhatA rather disgruntled bride-to-be
WhenFebruary 7, 2014
TreatsThe delight of our company
CompèreAriadne Cass-Maran
What elseMonsters, marriage, and a special edition of Women's Meekly

Underground: Toy Stories

WhatPlayful spoken word
WhenDecember 1, 2013
TreatsChocolate teddy bears
CompèreBarbie & Ken (Tom & Ari)
What elseTom Moore in a dress. Woo!

Skyground: Apocalypse New

WhatTales from the end of the world
WhenNovember 1, 2013
TreatsThe STORIES are the treats, ok?
CompèreAriadne Cass-Maran
What elseAliens, mud & a cat called George

Tales from the Strip

WhatComics and words combined
WhenAugust 24, 2013
TreatsTasty crayons (non-toxic!)
CompèreAriadne Cass-Maran
What elseA perfect pyramid of poo

This Side of Paradise

WhatUtopian spoken word
WhenJuly 7, 2013
TreatsBounty Bars
CompèreAndrew J. Wilson
What elseWindolene & the clown militia


WhatSoporific spoken word
WhenMay 5, 2013
TreatsDreamy chocolate stars
CompèreAriadne Cass-Maran
What elseCandles, teddy bears & jim-jams

Publish Or Perish

WhatEducational spoken word
WhenMarch 3, 2013
TreatsRetro sweeties in tiny lunch bags
CompèreTom Moore
What elseKiller teachers & parallel worlds

Happy Verse Day II

WhatPoems to lift the spirits... again 🙂
WhenJanuary 16, 2013
TreatsThe happiest bookmarks ever
CompèreMatt Macdonald
What elseSpoiled tea & curious crows

20,000 Words Under The Sea

WhatSea-themed spoken word
WhenDecember 2, 2012
TreatsChocolate sea shells
CompèreAriadne Cass-Maran
What elseEvil coral & mischievous salmon

Write Geist

WhatGhostly spoken word
WhenOctober 7, 2012
TreatsScreme eggs
CompèreGavin Inglis
What elseSinging banshees & scary tapes

Magic Words

WhatMagic spoken word
WhenAugust 15, 2012
TreatsChocolate cards & close-up magic
CompèreGavin Inglis
What elseSinking ships & satan monsters

Invisible Ink

WhatSecret spoken word
WhenJuly 1, 2012
TreatsChocolate cigars & casino coins
CompèreDavid Marsland
What elseBrains in jars & secret ingredients

Verbal Medicine

WhatToxic spoken word
WhenMay 6, 2012
TreatsM&Ms in little plastic pots
CompèreJennifer Bryce
What elseNaughty nurses & teeth falling out

When Words Collide

WhatCosmic spoken word
WhenMarch 4, 2012
TreatsFlying saucers, Milky Ways & space dust
CompèreTom Moore
What elseSpace carrots & men with no feet

Happy Verse Day

WhatPoems to lift the spirits
WhenJanuary 18, 2012
TreatsNauseatingly cute badges
CompèreMatt Macdonald
What elseHot chocolate & plasticine starlings

Time Will Tell

WhatStories on time, in time
WhenDecember 4, 2011
TreatsChocolate clocks
CompèreTom Moore
What elseThe longest 5 minute break in history

Monsters, Ink

WhatStories about monsters, read by monsters
WhenOctober 2, 2011
CompèreAriadne Cass-Maran
What elseLizards invading the Earth

The Midsummer Murder Mystery

WhatKiller spoken word
WhenJuly 3, 2011
TreatsChocolate. And poison
CompèreJennifer Bryce
What elseBodily dissection & boiling corgis

The Faerie Court

WhatTales for folk who pick the wings off faeries
WhenMay 1, 2011
TreatsFairy cakes
CompèreAriadne Cass-Maran
What elseFundraising for Japan relief

Love Sick

WhatStories of the anti-valentine’s persuasion
WhenFebruary 13, 2011
TreatsChocolates. Shaped like hearts. Awww!
CompèreJennifer Bryce
What elseIllicit Ink's ‘zero’ gig