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Illict Ink’s Tales From the Script: Episode 4

In this month’s edition of Illicit Ink’s Tales from the Script, Tom is joined by our poetry consultant, Matt Macdonald, who shares a short story of loss, regret and bullets. Matt follows this up with a lively interview about his writing life and the boundaries between poetry and prose.

Episode 4
Broadcast date: 14th October 2012
Host/producer: Tom Moore
Author: Matt Macdonald


Matt Macdonald has had an extensive performing career, gigging in Edinburgh, Glasgow, St. Andrews and South Shields. He’s a regular poetry performer and has recently begun expanding his prose repertoire.

Illicit Ink’s Tales from the script: episode 3

We’re back with a new episode of Illicit Ink’s Tales from the Script, our podcast featuring stories and interviews with awesome writers. This month, the wonderful Alison Summers takes a look at the cerebral workings behind tangoing in her story The Brain. She then sits down for an interview with host Tom Moore, discussing her fiction and what she’s learned from a decade of teaching creative writing.

Episode 3
Broadcast date: 10th September 2012
Host/producer: Tom Moore
Author: Alison Summers
Story: The Brain

Alison is currently studying for a PhD in Creative Writing at Newcastle University and finishing a novel about Early Onset Dementia. She enjoys reading, performing, traveling and charity shops. She’s also extremely partial to a blackberry infused gin and tonic. Feel free to check out her blog.

Illicit Ink’s Tales from the Script: episode 2

And here’s episode 2 of Illicit Ink’s Tales from the Script, a new monthly podcast featuring stories and interviews with talented writers. If you’d  like to give us some feedback or are interested in participating, email us at podcast at

Episode 2
Podcast date: 14th July 2012
Host/producer: Tom Moore
Author: Lynsey May
Theme: Medicine

In the second episode of Illicit Ink’s Tales From the Script, up-and-coming writer and all round lovely person Lynsey May reads Mistress of Medicine, a story of unscrupulous pharmaceuticals. Lynsey then chats to Tom about writing, performance and how to survive working in an office.