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Linnaean Limbo: The Dinosaurs That Never Were

In a storytelling show blending theatre, palaeontology and the history of science, Linnaean Limbo takes a look at the dinosaurs that never really were. Illicit Ink have mustered the very best writer-performers and science communicators to make up a cast of very special guests, including author Emily Dodd. Together they’ll celebrate how science constantly revises and updates itself…by passing the mic to the discoveries that have become defunct as a result!

The event takes place on Monday 4th April 2016 at Summerhall. Tickets are £8.50 (£6.50), available from the Edinburgh International Science Festival website.


‘Left Unsaid’ for Book Week Scotland at the Traverse Theatre Bar

All the best known stories have had drafts cast aside, titles changed and characters cut from the plot. Where do all these words go? Are there characters roaming the literary wastelands, fighting to have their story told?

Inspired by a fixer’s desire to resolve the silences between favourite characters from literature, Illicit Ink’s latest show for Book Week Scotland is an exploration of the missing words and chapters from literary history. Why do some us never stop talking, while others can’t just seem to find the words – the right words – at the right time?

Join us at the Traverse Theatre Bar on November 26th at 7:30pm for a playful evening of storytelling and performances that explore unsaid words and their power.

With Mark Hannah, Lynsey May, Tracey Rosenberg, Alan Bissett, Pab Roberts, Andrew Blair and Josephine Dennehy.

‘Happily Never After’ at the Edinburgh International Book Festival

Once upon a time there was a family of storytellers and spoken word performers who lived in a magical mirrored tent. One day, an audience descended on this peaceful, boozy home and demanded to be entertained.

They tried poetry, but it was a little too sweet. They tried short stories but found them a little salty. Then, they tried Jura Unbound, featuring Illicit Ink, it was just right.

We’ve gathered the finest spoken word and storytelling talents we could find and they promise to delight you with the mischievous, comedic and twisted fairytales you’ve been waiting for.

‘Happily Never After’ takes place at the Spiegeltent in Charlotte Square Gardens on Wednesday 25th August from 9-11pm. The show is part of Jura Unbound’s series of free evening events at the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

Talents include Rob Shearman, Emma Hooper, Keith Gray, Emily Dodd, Tom Moore, Halsted M. Bernard, Sian Bevan, Pab Roberts, Ricky Brown and Nerd Bait.