‘Left Unsaid’ for Book Week Scotland at the Traverse Theatre Bar

All the best known stories have had drafts cast aside, titles changed and characters cut from the plot. Where do all these words go? Are there characters roaming the literary wastelands, fighting to have their story told?

Inspired by a fixer’s desire to resolve the silences between favourite characters from literature, Illicit Ink’s latest show for Book Week Scotland is an exploration of the missing words and chapters from literary history. Why do some us never stop talking, while others can’t just seem to find the words – the right words – at the right time?

Join us at the Traverse Theatre Bar on November 26th at 7:30pm for a playful evening of storytelling and performances that explore unsaid words and their power.

With Mark Hannah, Lynsey May, Tracey Rosenberg, Alan Bissett, Pab Roberts, Andrew Blair and Josephine Dennehy.