‘Happily Never After’ at the Edinburgh International Book Festival

Once upon a time there was a family of storytellers and spoken word performers who lived in a magical mirrored tent. One day, an audience descended on this peaceful, boozy home and demanded to be entertained.

They tried poetry, but it was a little too sweet. They tried short stories but found them a little salty. Then, they tried Jura Unbound, featuring Illicit Ink, it was just right.

We’ve gathered the finest spoken word and storytelling talents we could find and they promise to delight you with the mischievous, comedic and twisted fairytales you’ve been waiting for.

‘Happily Never After’ takes place at the Spiegeltent in Charlotte Square Gardens on Wednesday 25th August from 9-11pm. The show is part of Jura Unbound’s series of free evening events at the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

Talents include Rob Shearman, Emma Hooper, Keith Gray, Emily Dodd, Tom Moore, Halsted M. Bernard, Sian Bevan, Pab Roberts, Ricky Brown and Nerd Bait.