Call for volunteer producers, social media experts, editors, fundraisers, writers, administrators and tech gurus

Illicit Ink was founded in 2011 by a group of enthusiastic eccentrics who saw a need for mischievous, high quality storytelling. We run regular shows that champion experimentation and mischief, hosting new and not-so-new performers. The shows alternate between Illicit Ink Underground at the Bongo Club and Illicit Ink Skyground at the Scottish Storytelling Centre. So far, shows have included writers, comedians, singers, dancers, actors, artists and magicians. We need some new expertise in our team, and are seeking volunteers to help behind the scenes the following areas:

Production: Producers are the lifeblood of Illicit Ink. They are hard-working, organised and creative, developing shows from the most basic ideas through to final, polished events. Producing encompasses a number of tasks, including liaising with venues; booking and supporting performers; developing show structures and signing off on marketing plans. Each show has its own production team so that the work can be easily shared.

Admin, writing and fundraising: Illicit Ink is growing and needs more on-the-ball, organised administrators to help with the ensuing mountains of paperwork. In particular, we’re looking for help with writing, including taking minutes at meetings, developing show guidelines, writing web copy and writing ads (this ad wrote itself but that usually doesn’t happen). We’re also especially keen to have support in finding funding calls and making applications.

Editing: Illicit Ink offer a unique and celebrated editing service for writers participating in our shows. The role of the editor is to read the fiction/nonfiction submitted and offer feedback and/or editing. In addition to understanding the issues surrounding work which is read aloud, editors are sensitive, constructive and meticulous. Submissions often come in late and so it’s vital editors are available to work to tight deadlines.

Tech/stage: Our shows are often theatrical, including music, projections and voice overs. This means it’s essential to have volunteers who are experienced in theatre and/or storytelling, and know their way around a sound and lighting desk. We need sharp, dedicated volunteers who can assist our tech manager in ensuring each show’s special effects are smoothly executed.

Social media: Our marketing manager is looking to work alongside people who are fun, lovely and social media savvy. Twitter and Facebook are our main outlets, and we need volunteers who can spare a little time every day to write new tweets and posts, replying to requests and evaluating our reach. We’re also interested in playing with Instagram and YouTube, so interest in these areas would be awesome too.

Everything else: Maybe your skills aren’t listed here but there’s still something you could offer? We often need help with marketing, ushering, and sourcing props/costumes.

Illicit Ink is very much a team effort, and so we’re looking for people who thrive on working with others, and are able to give at least a few hours per month (we need your time, but we promise not to take all of it). All volunteers work from their own homes, using web-based project management and chat software to stay in touch. We often meet up in person in Edinburgh, especially in the run up to our Skyground shows.

If you’d like to be involved please contact Babs on and let her know a bit about you, how much time you have to give and what kind of activities you’re interested in – even if they’re not listed above. You should be familiar with our shows – our next one, Technobabble, takes place on October 5th at the Bongo Club.

Location: Edinburgh

Deadline: 31 October 2014 at 17:15