Websites, events, podcasts and chapbooks

Illicit Ink HQ will be bustling over the next few months. Alongside planning our July event (real name undecided, code name ‘espionage’), we’ve got a few other projects in the works :

  • A new podcast series.  Called Tales from the Script, this podcast includes themed stories and interviews with talented authors. If you’d like to take part, do get in touch. You don’t have to be in Edinburgh – providing you have Skype and a reasonable sound setup. The broadcast date for episode one is Saturday 2nd June.
  • A new website. We’d like to make things a little more engaging. Aside from the podcast, the site will have spanking new content, including author bios, extended galleries, and more interaction with that thing they call social media. The site should be up in August.
  • Special events. As much as we love our regular events, we’re keen to explore new forms.  If you have ideas for new events and/or themes, let us know.
  • Chapbooks. It’s early days but we may as well throw it out there. This will probably happen some time  in the next 3 million years.

In the meantime, we apologise if things seem a little quiet while Illicit Ink HQ undergoes its refurbishment. We’ll still be active on Facebook and Twitter, and you can always reach us at team at illicit ink dot net.

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