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After many grueling months on a North Sea oil rig, Robyn Darrow is finally coming home. She wants to relax, she wants to party, she wants to get back to her beloved Paul. But when her ferry crashes on Valentine’s day, Robyn finds herself facing impossible – or at least somewhat inconvenient – challenges, trials and obstacles, all hell-bent on making her simple trip home anything but. Armed only with her smarts, cunning, charm and a pocketful of almighty luck,Robyn embarks on a journey like no other to get herself home.

Join us on February 6th to see six talented storytellers gather together to tell Robyn’s Homeric tale of arguably epic proportions.

Illicit Ink Skyground: The Company We Keep

It’s Christmas. Cheer is in the air, snow is on the ground, and the great recession claims another victim. A company you’ve never heard of – and will not miss – is being forced to close its doors, to say goodbye to the memos, the clients and the deadlines.

All that’s left is to pack up the boxes and ring in the holidays with the final office gathering. But is there a chance for survival after all? Or will this party be its final act? Will they get to say goodbye, say their piece, or say nothing at all to this dysfunctional motley crew?

Join Illicit Ink for a sinister story of capitalism, corruption and office romance gone awry.

Illicit Ink Goes to Glasgow for a night of comedic confessions

Do you have a dirty little secret? These writers certainly do. Combining spoken word, storytelling and stand-up, this event will see our performers reveal shameful secrets, unearth forgotten embarrassments and maybe – just maybe – own up to some sinister deeds. They can tell any stories they like – as long as they’re true. It’ll be funny, it’ll be frank and it might well prove a little frightening.

So, come along to Glasgow and hear professional liars telling the truth for one night only!